Portable Storage Buildings

Many individuals, families, and business owners accumulate many items and belongings over the years. As time goes by, attics, storage lockers, and garages fill up with more clutter and equipment than they can manage. When that happens, there is no better solution to storage troubles than a portable storage building.

Today’s portable storage buildings are far more than the sort of collapsible sheds you might remember from years and years ago. Current outdoor storage buildings can be insulated and fortified to perfection. They protect belongings, look lovely on any property, and are easy to transport from one location to the next.

Let Smart Shed give you an in-depth walkthrough of the benefits and uses of portable sheds and storage buildings. Feel free to read this blog post at your leisure and direct any questions to our offices by calling (706) 405-4637.

Storage Sheds Then and Now

Storage buildings and sheds have undergone radical transformations since their earliest recorded use. Early Egyptians lined underground silos with reeds and other materials to store food. Before long, wooden huts and other frameworks began to emerge, paving the way for the sort of sheds and structures that we see today.

The past century has seen many companies manufacturing modular storage sheds with profit in mind and nothing else. They’ve used low-quality building materials that fall victim to the elements and have cut corners during all levels of production. Hasty production processes might keep costs low, but they don’t leave consumers with the sort of storage sheds that they need. Thankfully, better options are available to individuals and businesses—and they aren’t hard to find.

A well-built and cost-effective portable shed is fully within your grasp and is well within the average person’s budget. Cutting-edge portable storage units offer countless benefits to individuals, some of which include:

Theft Prevention

Portable storage units aren’t just for show. Most people will invest in a storage shed because they have tools or equipment that must be safely tucked away at the end of a workday or for extended periods. Storing landscape equipment, vehicles, or expensive tools in a shed comes with the promise of theft prevention. A well-built shed will come fitted with adequate lock and security solutions to ensure that the shed’s contents are protected from more than just the rain.

Added durability makes for added security, too. When a shed can withstand high winds, you don’t have to worry about a sudden storm blowing the door off its hinges. You can rest easy knowing that your portable storage shed will remain safe and secure through the night.


When most people think of backyard storage sheds, they think of storing tools, lawn mowers, and other gardening equipment. Today’s portable storage sheds—especially those made by Smart Shed—are more versatile than you might think. When you have the option to customize the size of your shed, you can store virtually anything you can think of in it.

Do you need a place to store your motorcycle? Your kayaks, speedboat, or sea-doo? You can store these items, and more, in a modular storage shed. Over the years, we’ve provided clients with storage solutions for everything from their family vehicles to their construction company’s equipment.


Many modular shed manufacturers and installers aim to please their clientele by offering cheap, one-size-fits-all options for their backyard sheds. However, sheds don’t have to just be storage units that you’re only mildly satisfied with or that you put up with only for the sake of practicality. Depending on the company you work with, you could be able to customize everything from the color of the storage building to the most minute details. Being able to create a unique shed means that you can match it to the aesthetics of your property, ensuring it doesn’t stick out like a sore thumb.

Do you want additional light fixtures so you can use your storage building as a detached workshop? Do you want windows or a skylight? Simply ask. You might be surprised what a modular shed company can do.


Having a portable shed might not mean a lot to an individual who only intends to install the shed in the backyard of their family home. However, for construction crews and other companies requiring equipment and tools on-site, portable storage makes all the difference. The very nature of many companies' jobs demands that they bring their equipment to a new worksite at the start of every project. While some contractors might be able to take some of their equipment home at the end of each day, there’s often too much heavy machinery for transport on a daily basis. In these instances, having a storage building that you can transfer from one location to another as needed makes all the difference.

Smart Shed: The Smart Approach to Storage

Those who wish to reap all the benefits mentioned above of portable storage systems need to find the right manufacturer. What is our advice? We suggest you work with seasoned professionals who have earned the approval of numerous residential and commercial clients. In short, we recommend you turn to us. There’s a reason why so many new shed owners recommend us to their friends and neighbors.

We’ve calibrated our storage sheds to perfection. Come to us when you want sheds with pressure-treated floor joists, double-stud construction, Smart Guard-grade siding, and more. We design, construct, and transport modular sheds with longevity, security, and customer satisfaction in mind. Our modular storage buildings will keep your belongings safe in the months—or years—to come.

Learn More About Our Storage Buildings

When the time comes to finally procure a portable storage shed for your property, we hope you think of us. We build our mobile units using only best-in-class materials, ensuring your portable shed withstands wind, rain, sun, and snow.

Quick to install and guaranteed to stand tall for years to come, the Smart Shed portable storage shed is the one you want. Would you like to learn more about these wonderful storage buildings? Call (706) 405-4637 now to speak with our team.