If you’re an avid gardener, you might be struggling with where to keep all your tools and supplies. Or, if you’re lacking storage space in your home, you might be wondering what other options exist for keeping necessary items close by.

The answer to your organizational woes might be a portable shed, and at Smart Shed, we build top-quality portable sheds. We’ve made a name for ourselves based on our high-end results and our more-than-exceptional building strategies. Our clients love our products because they’re beautiful and well-built.

In this blog post, we’ll discuss how we build our smart and portable sheds to give you an inside look from an industry expert. As we go through our building process and the values we bring to our structures, keep in mind that you can contact us directly at any time with questions and concerns.

Is It Becoming Obvious You Need a Storage Shed?

Before we get into the process, you might be wondering whether you need a portable storage shed. If you’re running out of space for construction or gardening materials, your need for a storage shed may be becoming blazingly apparent. If the place where you usually store important items is becoming crowded and things you need are hard to get to, you could use a portable Smart Shed.

Aside from providing storage space, the fact that our sheds are portable will make your life even easier. A portable shed is a convenience that many people don’t even consider until they have one for themselves. Being about to store things and move them easily from place to place is the perfect luxury for contractors or homeowners who love doing projects on their own time.

We Want to Help You Design It

Our expert shed builders are also expert designers. Our expertise and options make the design stage one of the most enjoyable parts of the portable shed building process, second only to having the structure complete in your yard.

The first step in building a portable shed is scheduling a time to sit down with our crew so we can discuss your Smart Shed design. As custom portable shed builders, we’ve designed all kinds of sheds in all shapes and sizes. There are no ideas that are off-limits! If you want to build a multi-story shed, an unconventionally shaped shed, or one made in a particular style, let us hear about it.

No Need to Worry About Foundations with a Portable Shed

One of the first obstacles in ordinary shed building is ensuring a deep and sturdy foundation. We don’t have to bother with those worries. Because our sheds are portable, the biggest concern is making the building strong enough to be transported without incurring any damage.

Instead of a traditional foundation, our foundations are self-contained. A shed built by Smart Shed is sturdy enough to be loaded on and off trailers and to stand on its own without concern for its structural integrity. Once you place it down at your desired location, it will stand strong for as long as you need it to be there.

Sourcing Only Quality Materials Down to the Nails

Once the design is completed, we move on to sourcing the materials needed to construct your portable shed. At Smart Shed, we’re very choosy about the materials we use, and our choosiness has been refined throughout years of experience.

We’ve built relationships with all the best materials suppliers in the area to guarantee supremely high-quality materials for a great price. We always try to get lower prices for the materials we use for our clients’ sheds, but we never skimp on quality.

Maximizing the Value During Construction

Making an excellent shed design includes using the right materials, and it can be easy to over-spend. With Smart Shed at your side, you won’t make that mistake. The materials you choose for your project will be as high-quality as they are affordable, and our know-how will ensure that your materials are used to their full potential.

From the wood we use, right down to the nails and hardware, the material we choose to build your Smart Shed will keep your budget intact and last a very long time. As experienced builders, we use only time-tested techniques to construct sturdy structures that endure.

Measure Twice, Cut Once

Careful preparation is key to a perfect Smart Shed, and we build you the perfect shed. The only way to do it is to measure all our materials—and then double-check to ensure they fit precisely to the blueprints we’ve made up.

Many years of experience have taught us that precision is the key to an excellent shed. Sometimes designs are adjusted as we go along, but designs only get better the more we study and consider them. Once it’s time to build, we’ll have the perfect plan, and all that’s left to do is complete the construction.

Solid Flooring and Expertly Reinforced Joists

To give you an idea of how the building process goes, we’ll talk about the foundational aspect of your Smart Shed: the flooring. With most of our Smart Sheds, we build from the ground up. The bottom of your personalized shed matters because of how you plan on transporting it. Your transportation method will be discussed during the design period.

Once a design for your shed’s flooring has been agreed upon, we’ll ensure that your flooring will be solid, level, and contains strongly reinforced joists spaced appropriately.

Strong Roofing for Maximum Protection

After the flooring is in place, the roofing style will be next. Your roof will be the primary defense from the elements, so it must be strong. The roof that sits atop your Smart Shed will fend off elements effectively and wick water away from the rest of your shed, so you never have to worry about your shed rotting away.

Conclusions for Portable Shed Building

From design to construction, working with us to build your portable shed will be a pleasant experience. While you’re with us, we aim to ensure every aspect of the process is painless and, more than that—enjoyable.

Once we start building, you’ll be happy with what you see, and once we finish, you’ll be thrilled. Our exceptional craftsmanship will guarantee that you’ll enjoy the utility of your new portable shed for years to come.

If you have any further questions about the process of building a portable shed for your projects, please don’t hesitate to reach out to Smart Shed today. We’re experts in creating attractive and functional sheds to house your materials and supplies, and we can’t wait to get started on your structure.