Tips for Getting the Best Portable Storage Building for Your Property

If you are considering purchasing a new shed for your property, the options available to you may seem overwhelming. With so many different choices to make, it is not always easy to feel confident that you are making the right decisions for your property.

This blog post will cover the things that you should keep in mind when shopping for a shed building company and designing your structure. Through this, we hope to ensure that our readers do not overlook any important details and get a shed that they will love for many years.

Finding the Right Shed Builders

Get a Quote

Any reputable shed building company will have no problem providing you with an upfront estimate of their costs. Sticking to your budget is important for any construction project, so getting upfront information allows you to make the most of your finances. Feel free to shop around between a few companies and compare what they have to offer so that you can make an educated decision.

Read Reviews

Online testimonials can tell you a lot about a business. Consistently positive testimonials are a good sign that a company provides top-notch service that is worth commenting on. On the other hand, negative reviews can make you aware of any potential shortcomings that may or may not be a dealbreaker in your situation.

Check for Warranties

Be careful with shed building companies that do not offer any type of guarantee on their work. If they are not confident enough in their capabilities to back up their products, then this is a good sign that you should not feel confident in their work either.

Look at Photos

As the old saying goes, “a picture is worth a thousand words.” This is especially true when it comes to construction, where our eyes are often a great indicator of quality. Finding a company that showcases their work suggests that they are proud of their output and will approach your job with the utmost dedication.

Do They Offer Financing?

Although this will not always be a consideration you need to make, finding a company that provides financing options is a great way to access your new building as soon as possible. Just make sure you read the fine print to ensure you do not get stuck with a bad deal.

Designing Your Ideal Storage Building

Determine the Purpose of Your Shed

One of your first considerations should be the primary function of your building. For instance, the design of a garden shed will most likely differ from something being used for a cabin. Think about what you will be using your structure for, even if it will serve multiple purposes, and use that to guide you throughout your design consultations.

Get the Right Size

Storage buildings come in many different shapes and styles, which is why you should measure everything carefully before deciding on the footprint for your new structure. Take the time to assess your property and try to visualize what your shed will look like once it is there.

Choosing Your Building Materials

The materials that your shed is made of will play a large role in its performance and durability, so it doesn't make sense to take shortcuts here. Discuss all of your options with your deck builder and think about your regional climate when designing your structure.

Selecting Colors and Decorative Details

Although the utility of your shed might be the main reason for your purchase, this doesn't mean that it can't also enhance the appearance of your property. Any professional deck building company will put a strong focus on the aesthetics of their work, so they can help you create something that harmonizes with your landscape and other buildings.

Security Options

Depending on what you will be storing inside your new shed, the added peace of mind from a secure unit will be invaluable. Don't make any compromises with your security features, and make sure that you can feel comfortable leaving your storage building unattended.

More Things to Consider


Although transporting your new shed might not be your first order of business, portability can be a valuable quality down the line. If you are on a temporary job site or think that you might move within the next few years, a pre-built and portable storage unit allows you to bring your investment with you.

Zoning Laws and Homeowner's Associations

You should never commit to a new storage shed without doing your homework first. Local bylaws and regulations will often have a say about what can be built on your property, so it makes sense to look into this and get the necessary permits before starting. Handling all of the paperwork first will save you a lot of headaches down the line, so don't overlook this crucial step.

Placement of Your New Shed

After you have settled on a final design for your structure, the next step is finding the optimal placement for it. Your deck building company should be able to help you assess your property and locate a spot for your new shed that will not detract from the rest of your landscape. Your shed should be easily accessible and close to the area where it will be needed most.

Pre-Built or Not?

Few things are easier than having your new shed arrive at your property fully constructed. Modern pre-built sheds are becoming increasingly popular due to their quick installations, affordability, and durability. If you are looking for a fast way to get a storage building without taking any shortcuts on quality, then finding a dependable pre-built supplier is a good way to go.

If you are looking for a shed building company that can assist you with the entire process, Smart Shed would be happy to help. We take pride in being leaders in the portable storage building industry, and we invite you to contact us for more information on our sheds and what we can do for you.