Smart Sheds in Greenville

If you’re looking for a storage shed fit for the 21st century, look no further than Smart Shed. Proudly serving Greenville, we’ve set ourselves apart as the area’s top choice for smart, high-tech sheds. Tailored to your needs and wants, a Smart Shed is sure to tick all the boxes.

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Durable, Portable Storage Sheds

You want a durable, dependable storage shed—and we’re here to provide it.

Our Smart Sheds are built with hardwearing, long-lasting materials from local suppliers and manufacturers. Through rigorous quality control and expert craftsmanship, we guarantee a shed that’s built to last. Functional, durable, and impressively good-looking—a Smart Shed is the only way to go.

With a Smart Shed, you can expect:

  • Tailored designs using our free Build-Your-Design software
  • Budget-friendly financing options
  • Personalized consultations
  • High-quality products and building materials
  • Honest, accurate quotes
  • Fast turnarounds
  • Complete satisfaction guaranteed

Design your shed today with our free Build-Your-Design software. With just a few minutes in front of your computer, you’ll have your dream shed ready for assembly.

Build Your Design to get a quote.

Fast Turnarounds. Fair Prices.

The best part about a Smart Shed? Not only are they fully customizable. They’re also a stellar deal.

Through our innovative modular design process, we’re able to drive down costs and minimize our turnarounds—all while delivering a superior-quality product tailored to you. It’s called Smart Shed for a reason. We’ve managed to streamline the building process to get your shed built, assembled, and in place without endless waiting around. Save time—and save money—with Smart Shed.

Flexible Financing Options

Smart Shed is proud to offer a range of financing options, so everyone can take advantage of our product.

We make the whole process simple and stress-free. And all it takes is a few minutes in front of your computer screen.

Click here to get pre-approved, and choose whichever financing term works for you. 12 months, 36 months—the choice is yours.

Learn more about your financing options and get approved today.

Smart Shed: For All of Life’s Needs

Some sheds are built to house garden tools. Others are built to store old cars. But a Smart Shed? That’s built to do it all.

Smart Shed offers a range of customization options and add-on amenity features to give you the perfect shed for your needs and wants. Choose from 30 different sizes, 11 shed styles, and an endless array of tailored design options. Whether you’re looking for something small to store a few tools or a fully equipped guesthouse for visitors, Smart Shed has you covered.

Smart Sheds are perfect for:

Tool and shed storage

Vehicle and garage storage

Barn and farm equipment storage

Utility storage



…and more

Discover what a Smart Shed can do to make your life simpler, easier, and more organized. Contact us to learn more!

Design Your Dream Smart Shed

There's nothing worse than spending money on something you're not entirely happy with. We know the feeling, which is why we allow our customers to take complete control over the design of their Smart Shed. Our Build Your Design software program walks you through the entire design process, from choosing the structural style to the exterior finish and interior design, including shelving, color, flooring, and more! Never fear that you’re being forced into a limited range of design options for your Smart Shed when you work with our accommodating shed building company.

Take a look here , and you’ll notice that every shed we build is different from the last one. That’s because we take a personalized approach to building sheds. A cookie-cutter approach doesn’t fit into our business model because we want our sheds to be a representation of your personality and a compliment to your property.

Keep in mind that designing your shed yourself is a complimentary optional, so if you prefer we craft the design instead, we're happy to do that. However, we encourage you to give us insight into the theme and color you prefer so we have something to go off. When all is said and done, we want you to be happy with your purchase.

Pre-Assembled Smart Sheds in Greenville

The team at Smart Shed likes to make things simple for our customers. We do this many ways, but one way that stands out is to assemble their new Smart Shed before it's picked up or delivered. We do this so that you can begin enjoying your shed right away. However, if a customer prefers that we disassemble it for ease of transportation, we’re happy to do so and provide detailed reassembly instructions for them as well.

A little added perk of our sheds is that they don't take hours to put together like most other units. With a few clicks here and there and a hand drill to secure the pieces together, it’ll be ready to go up. The best thing about our sheds’ ease of assembly is that if you need to move, your shed can be taken down and put back up in no time and with little effort.

If you prefer to purchase customized, hassle-free, convenient, and affordable additions, consider a Smart Shed from your Greenville shed-building experts. If you’d like to learn more, don't hesitate to contact our office. One of our team members will be happy to assist you.

Smart Sheds Built for Customer Satisfaction

Purchasing a Smart Shed from us means receiving an exceptional all-around experience. We've been building Smart Sheds for years, and throughout that time, we've developed a streamlined strategy that helps us provide you with an unmatched experience. From the onset of our business relationship, we allow you to take the lead, designing your shed and taking advantage of optional warranty and payment financing. Thanks to our customer-centric approach, we've developed a long list of satisfied clients, many of whom returned to purchase an additional shed, whether for them or to be gifted.

Here at Smart Shed, we go the extra mile to ensure customer satisfaction, offering perks like free delivery and a five-year warranty option for the rare event of a labor-related issue. Give us a call today to discover for yourself the many benefits of doing business with us.

Included Warranty on Our Smart Sheds

An extended warranty plan is the best way to secure any big purchase. With our warranty, there are no strings attached or conditions hidden in the fine print. We offer a five-year warranty on our labor that extends to manufacturer warranties on many materials and components. You can expect 40-year protection on our metal roofing and a 50-year warranty on our siding. When you purchase from us, we want you to rest assured that your purchase is backed by an excellent warranty plan.

Smart Shed Builds Structurally Sound Units

We stand behind our reputation for building structurally sound Smart Sheds, and we do this by maintaining exceptionally high standards. We aim to ensure every customer can feel confident that their shed will last years and is built to endure the harsh outdoor elements. We only source from reputable suppliers with the highest quality material, and our craftsmanship standards are second to none. We don't just talk about quality work—we take it seriously and implement it in every aspect of our business.

Sheds with Front Door Delivery Service

There's nothing we love more than building high-quality sheds and making our process easy and convenient for our shed owners. When you purchase one of our sheds, you won't need to worry about picking it up. We offer a complimentary delivery service as part of the purchase package.

When your shed is complete, we’ll securely pack it and have one of our drives deliver it to your address. The best thing about receiving your shed, aside from being able to put it to use, is that it comes preassembled. With us, there are no hassles, no long wait times, and no heavy lifting to offload your shed.

Features of Our Smart Sheds

When you build a shed with Smart Shed, you can expect it to be made according to the highest standards. While we customize every shed to each customer's preferences, we use the same high-quality materials across the board.

These are some of the key features on all our Smart Sheds:

  • 2x6 pressure-treated floor joists on 16" centers (12" centers with roll-up door)
  • Pressure-treated notched skids
  • Wall studs on 16" centers with double stud every 4''
  • Double 2x4 top plate
  • Radiant barrier on ceiling
  • 40-year metal roofing from Georgia Metals
  • 50-year LP Smartsiding treated with Smart Guard
  • 25-year Performax500 flooring
  • 10-year urethane wall coating by Haley Paints
  • 5-year craftsmanship warranty

As you can see, all the materials used in our sheds were designed to last decades. Using this type of material has allowed us to build the best sheds in the area that can last you a lifetime.

Give us a call and let us know what style of Smart Shed you need. We're excited to get the designing process started.

Greenville’s Top Choice for Storage Sheds

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