Checklist for Your Custom Garden Shed

Here at Smart Shed, we’re well-versed in the ins and outs of shed building. Whether people want a storage shed for their family backyard, a fortified storage unit for their construction site, or a small, portable workshop for their property, they come to us—and with good reason. We have years of experience, all the best building materials, and a knack for customization.

As for garden sheds, we’ve built more than our fair share. Let us offer you a rundown of the must-haves when designing and building your garden shed. A garden shed just isn’t a garden shed without the right dimensions, structural integrity, and features.

Before long, you’ll have all the information you need to enter into discussions with your local shed builder about constructing your own garden shed. If any pressing questions or concerns do arise during your reading of this blog, please feel free to call our dedicated team at (706) 405-4637.

Get the Most Out of a Garden Shed

Garden sheds are small structures designed to hold gardening tools, supplies, and equipment. They’re typically located in the backyard or garden area of a home. These structures can be either freestanding or attached to a house or other structure. Purchased or pre-made, a garden shed should give you ample space to store all sorts of equipment and gardening essentials.

There are many benefits to having a garden shed on your property. Garden sheds provide extra storage space for all your gardening supplies and equipment. They can also help to keep your yard organized and tidy by providing a place to store things like rakes, shovels, and hoses. Garden sheds can also be used as a workspace for projects like potting plants or painting birdhouses. If you choose a large enough shed, you could even use it as a workshop for woodworking or other hobbies.

If you’re considering adding a garden shed to your property, many shed builders and designers can create a custom shed that meets your specific needs and budget. Some companies sell modular shed kits that you can assemble yourself. The trick is knowing what to ask for and how high you should set your expectations.

Here are a few things you should look for in any standard or custom garden shed.

Does It Come with a Warranty?

If you're considering purchasing a garden shed, it's important to make sure the company that builds or sells you the shed offers a warranty. This will protect you in case there are any problems with the shed and will give you peace of mind knowing that you're covered.

Many different types of garden sheds are available on the market, so it's important to do your research to find a reputable builder or seller. With a little bit of effort, you can find a great garden shed builder that offers a warranty and peace of mind.

Ask About Urethane Wall Coatings

It isn’t enough to have a shed that looks nice when it's installed. You need a shed that can withstand the elements—and we aren’t just talking about the wind. A urethane wall coating is so important for garden sheds because it helps to protect the shed from weather damage. Harsh sunlight and rain can wreak havoc on unprotected wood, causing it to warp and rot over time. With a quality coating, you won’t have to worry about the building materials going unprotected.

Will the Rooftop Withstand the Wind?

Many sheds come with a fairly standard roof. However, depending on your area’s climate, you might need something a little more substantial. If you often experience heavy snowfall or high winds, you might need to fortify your rooftop, so it doesn’t cave in or blow away. Be sure to ask your local shed building experts their opinion on this matter. Do you need to splurge on a less-than-typical roofing system, or will the conventional approach work just fine?

Concrete or Wood Flooring?

Do you intend on using your garden shed like a workshop, or do you plan on only using it for equipment storage? The answers to these questions matter and will greatly influence the decisions you and your shed building contractor make. We recommend concrete if you intend to use the space for the storage of lawn equipment, a motorcycle, or other machinery. Concrete can withstand the weight of heavy machinery and any accidental oil spills without issue.

However, you might want to consider using wood flooring if you’re hoping to turn it into a space for your own use. Not only is wood more pleasing to the eye, but it also makes a more comfortable surface to stand on and helps keep the heat inside the shed.

How Do You Choose the Right Door?

Don’t let your team get started without discussing the type of door you want on your garden shed. If you intend to use your shed for storing machinery, such as a ride-on mower or a conventional mower, you might not want a sliding door or classic entryway. As practical as those might sound, getting your equipment in and out of the garden shed will be awfully difficult.

When you want to use a garden shed to store mowers and other equipment, we recommend designing the shed with double doors in mind. You’ll have easy access, and they’re just as secure as conventional shed doors. That said, if you only intend on using the garden shed to store hand tools, garden soil, and things of that nature, a conventional door will do just fine.

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