The smart shed has grown in popularity in recent years, and for a good reason. Not only are Smart Sheds custom-built to meet your unique needs, but they are manufactured using quality materials and are entirely portable too. In many ways, Smart Sheds are the best solution for all your storage needs, but many property owners are getting a bit more creative with the ways they use these spaces.

In this blog, we will be exploring ten unique ways to use your Smart Shed – happy reading!

1. Guest Accommodation

If you frequently have friends and family visit, creating guest accommodation may become a priority. Instead of pulling out the couch or shifting around bedrooms for the evening, why not dedicate a space to your houseguests? With a Smart Shed, you can.

Smart Sheds can be wired and insulated the same as houses and filled with the décor you love from your interiors. Equip your Smart Shed guest accommodation with a comfortable bed, small seating area, large windows, and even a porch on the outside!

2. Greenhouse

If you have a green thumb, you may be dreaming of a greenhouse, and a Smart Shed is a great option. When designing your shed, you can add large windows to the ceiling to let light pour onto your plants and vegetables inside. You can also add spacious shelving, heat lamps, screens, and techniques to keep pests out.

3. Workshop

Whether you're a woodworker, a handyman, or someone who likes to tinker, creating a workshop space will help you grow your skills. If you don't have the budget to build a freestanding workshop from the ground up, we invite you to consider a Smart Shed.

Smart Sheds give you the flexibility to build the kind of space you deserve, any size and shape, without blowing your budget. Think about adding features like:

  • Shelves
  • Cabinetry
  • Countertops
  • Built-in tools and equipment
  • Specialty lighting
  • Air conditioning
  • And more!

4. Art studio

Art studios are another great way to design and use a Smart Shed. If you are a potter, the shed is the perfect place to let your pieces dry and put them in the kiln. If you're a painter, you can use the space to store paints, brushes, canvases, and your latest works.

No matter the kind of art you do, a Smart Shed is the customizable space you need.

5. Home Gym

In recent years, home gyms have become more and more popular. If you don't feel like giving up your spare room or renovating your basement, a Smart Shed is an affordable solution. Smart Sheds can be made as spacious as you desire, so you'll have room to squat, lunge, jump and store exercise machines, free weights, and mats.

Gyms can also be equipped with built-in fans, air conditioning, or heaters, depending on your preferences and climate.

6. Playhouse

Nothing is more exciting for children than having their own space to play and escape to imaginary worlds, and a life-size playhouse created in a Smart Shed could be an excellent option. Choose to equip your playhouse with toys or set it up like a mini-home. We're confident that your kids will be occupied for hours and won't mess up your interiors while enjoying their time to the fullest.

We have seen dozens of Smart Sheds transformed into sweet playhouses for kids of all ages and stages!

7. Pool House

Every pool owner knows that having somewhere to store pool toys, life jackets, safety equipment, and pool chemicals is essential and many opt for a pool house. Smart Sheds make great pool houses because they are, again, ultra-customizable.

You can design your pool house to store all your belongings and choose a siding that perfectly matches or compliments your home or outdoor living space.

8. Office Space

Today, more and more of us are working from home and if you want space away from your family and children, creating a separate office space in your Smart Shed is a great option. Smart Sheds have all the amenities of any house structure – protective roofing, quality siding, comfortable floors, bright windows, locking entries, and electricity. You will be able to work in your shed without worrying about your computer and other electronics being damaged or stolen.

9. Booth or Stand

If you own or manage a garden center, a community festival, or another event, you may wish to use your Smart Shed as a booth or stand to sell tickets, hand out snacks, or give directions. Smart Sheds designed as booths can sport ample countertops, indoor/outdoor windows, side-door access, cooking equipment, and whatever else you need!

10. A Personal Getaway

You've heard of a man-cave and maybe even a she-shed – and a Smart Shed is great for creating a personal getaway space. Whether you need some time away from your partner or busy family life, an equipped Smart Shed gives you the space you need to unwind. Add a TV, a couch, supplies for your hobbies, cozy furnishings, rugs, and window covers – whatever your heart desires!


While investing in a storage solution is great, sometimes we need spaces to care for ourselves and our families. Whether you are looking to build an area where you can focus on your hobbies and projects, pursue your side hustle, or hang out with your kids, a Smart Shed is a great choice.

The best thing about Smart Sheds is that they aren't a one-and-done investment. Because they are portable, you will be able to bring them with you when you move and change their function as your family grows and life evolves. Maybe that tool shed will become a playhouse for your grandchildren or a space to do yoga and light exercise as you age. Maybe when you finally get that pool, your greenhouse will become a pool house – the options are endless.

To learn more about Smart Sheds and the many ways they're used, reach your friends at Smart Shed today!