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The portable storage sheds from Smart Shed provide you with the flexibility you need in your life. With our help, you can create a personalized structure that perfectly suits your needs. There are many benefits to our smart shed storage solutions, so do not hesitate to contact us to learn more about what we have to offer.

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Introducing the Best Shed Available

At Smart Shed, we believe that quality is everything. Quality is the number one priority of our services. It’s the bedrock of our business—and it’s what we put into every part of our portable storage buildings.

Our storage sheds are built using best-in-class products from trusted brand-name manufacturers. We’ve partnered with local suppliers and contractors to refine our product, improve its build quality, and enhance its lifespan and value. Through ongoing collaboration and innovation, we’ve worked to offer the very best in roofing, flooring, and storage solutions in our sheds. The result? With the Smart Shed, we’re proud to say we’ve developed the most functional, durable, and beautiful portable storage building on the market.

Key Features of the Smart Shed:

  • 2x6 pressure-treated floor joists on 16’’ centers (12’’ centers with roll-up door)
  • Pressure-treated notched skids
  • Wall studs on 16’’ centers with double stud every 4’
  • Double 2x4 top plate
  • Radiant barrier on ceiling
  • 40-year metal roofing from Georgia Metals
  • 50-year LP Smartsiding treated with Smart Guard
  • 25-year Performax500 flooring
  • 10-year urethane wall coating by Haley Paints
  • 5-year craftsmanship warranty

Smart Storage Sheds

Our outdoor storage sheds provide homeowners and professionals with valuable solutions for organizing their items. We provide a completely modular product, which allows you to design your ideal structure and view a 3D rendering before it is built for you. Our cutting-edge process provides you with countless possibilities, so we guarantee you will be satisfied with what we can do for you.

With Smart Shed, you can expect:

  • Free, upfront quotes
  • Simple financing solutions
  • Fast turnarounds
  • A complete range of customization options
  • Start-to-finish installation and setup services
  • Friendly advice and guidance
  • Extended warranties
  • Complete satisfaction guaranteed

Multifunctional Storage Buildings

The versatile nature and portability of our shed construction make them perfect for a wide range of uses. No matter what you have in mind for your building, whether that be a single purpose or multiple functions, you can rest assured that our sheds will be up to the task.

Some of the most common uses for our structures include:

  • Residential storage
  • Smart garden sheds
  • Security and organization on construction sites
  • Vehicle storage
  • Cabins
  • And more

Consult with our experts for tips and tricks on how to get the most out of your smart shed.

Durable and Secure Portable Sheds

Our well-built sheds are certain to provide you with some peace of mind. Not only are they guaranteed to stand strong against whatever nature can throw at them, but they are also highly secure. You should feel comfortable leaving your shed unattended, knowing that everything inside is completely safe from any type of intruder.

Keep Your Storage Shed Cool and Dry

Another benefit of our advanced materials and design techniques is their protective qualities. Our buildings all come with a tight seal that keeps everything inside free from moisture. In addition to this, our radiant barrier ceiling keeps the inside of your shed up to 15 degrees cooler on hot days.

Budget-Friendly Smart Sheds

Our economical and transparent pricing makes it easy to get a shed that fits into your finances. Our staff will be happy to discuss all of the options available to you, and our 3D configurator can provide you with a detailed estimate of what we have to offer.

As part of our commitment to delivering an affordable product, we offer fast and flexible online financing. Submit an application to get pre-approved today, and choose the term that best suits your needs. Whether you’re looking to pay over 36 months, 48 months, or something shorter, our team is here to help you find a solution that works for you.

Contact us today for your free quote and answers to all of your smart shed questions.

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Fully Assembled Portable Sheds

Your shed will arrive at your property pre-constructed, so you won’t have to do anything or hire someone to built it. This also means that you forgo the hassle of having contractors work at your property for an extended period.

Personalized Portable Sheds

One of the benefits of our smart shed storage is the ability to customize your building to your specifications. Our designers will work alongside you to ensure that the final product is the perfect fit for your needs. We can customize the footprint, materials, and color scheme of your storage building to match your specifications, so you never have to make any compromises with your new shed.

Design Your Dream Shed—100% Free

Wondering all about your options for your storage building?

Discover your dream shed with our Build-Your-Design digital portal. With it, you can build your shed and explore a vast range of customization options to get the perfect shed for your property. Choose from 30 standard sizes, 11 different building styles, and an extensive selection of amenities and convenience features. From built-in shelves to working electrical—to roll-up doors and windows—the options are near endless.

Why wait? Design your Smart Shed and get a free quote from the comfort of your computer.

Our passion for craftsmanship means we never cut corners on build quality. Every Smart Shed is built with care, diligence, and a masterful eye for detail, delivering only the highest standard of results available. Through rigorous quality control and meticulous build oversight, we ensure every Smart Shed is seamlessly put together to offer the very best in quality, durability, and beauty. Rest assured: A Smart Shed is no regular shed. It’s a shed you’ll love for life.

Storage Sheds That Are Made Tough

We never take any shortcuts with the materials and building techniques we use to construct our smart sheds. If you are hoping to purchase a storage shed that you know will serve you well for many years, then we guarantee that you will be satisfied with our products. Our rugged storage sheds will stand up to all weather conditions and provide you with a sturdy structure that you can depend on.

Warranty Protected Storage Sheds

One of the reasons we are a popular choice for smart garden sheds and other portable storage buildings is our dependable warranty protection. We back up all of our work with reliable coverage that allows our customers to purchase with confidence. In addition to our 5-year warranty on labor, many of the materials we use come with extended protection, so you can trust that your shed is made to last.

Get Your Smart Shed Delivered Free of Charge

We aim to make things as convenient as possible for our customers, which is why we are pleased to offer free express delivery on all of our sheds. When you buy from us, you don’t need to worry about finding a way to get your new shed delivered because our company will get it to your property fully constructed. Due to the portable nature of our smart sheds, they can be set up on your property extremely quickly so that you don’t need to worry about lengthy installations.

Our Customers Love Our Smart Sheds

For many years now, we have been providing high-quality storage buildings for property owners, professional companies, and more. Throughout our time in business, we have been honored to maintain a consistent history of satisfaction. Thanks to our top-notch construction and focus on customer service, you can always expect a positive experience with our company.

We’re confident in the quality of our product. We’re also confident you’ll love it like all other existing customers. Whether you’re looking to store a few gardening supplies, get a new workstation, or build your very own guesthouse, a Smart Shed is the only way to go.

The Benefits of a Smart Shed:

  • Improve storage and organization
  • Protect valuables from theft
  • Keep dangerous items away from children and pets
  • Modular design for total
  • Boost curb appeal
  • Increase property value

Check Out Our Smart Storage Sheds

We take a lot of pride in the smart sheds that we have developed. In order to highlight the quality of our products, we have created a gallery with many photos of our buildings. If you are curious about what we have to offer you, we encourage you to take a look at our gallery and get in touch with us if you like what you see.

Answers to All of Your Questions

If you still have any questions about why our smart sheds are the right choice for you, we encourage you to reach out to us and speak with our experts. We will gladly address any concerns that you have and discuss how we can help you create a personalized storage building.

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We would love to tell you more about our premium smart sheds, so feel free to contact us with all of your questions and concerns. Phone (706) 405-4637 to speak with one of our experts and discuss the advantages of our smart storage systems.

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