Why Portable Buildings Are Your Most Effective Storage Solutions

While portable storage buildings have existed for quite a while, they’ve recently been gaining in popularity due to their durability and overall versatility. You might think that portable sheds can only be used for storing excess belongings you can’t fit in your home or business, but many have been cleverly utilizing their storage units as an alternative for a living space, workspace, and more.

The constantly posed question we get is whether portable sheds are worth it. Do their benefits outweigh any hassle or cost involved? Smart Shed has been in the business of providing portable storage buildings for many years now, and we can confidently tell you that there are many reasons to invest in a personalized portable building on your property.

After serving many customers over the years and gathering their feedback, we’ve determined the numerous ways our portable storage units benefit our customers. We’ve collected the key benefits of our movable storage solutions and listed them in this blog post. Read on to discover how a portable shed can offer benefits beyond extra storage space!

Reduce the Disruption and Cost of Constructing a Permanent Structure

Constructing a permanent storage unit on your property comes with a host of obstacles. When you need to lay down a foundation, you need to dig out the space to do so. This can be highly disruptive and costly, especially if you encounter underground obstacles.

Another common hindrance is the many federal, state, or municipal building codes you likely need to learn and abide by when constructing this structure. Obtaining building permits to build a small shed or barn can be a taxing and frustrating affair that could derail you before you even begin. 

These are all easily avoidable when you look towards portable buildings for your storage solutions. These structures sit on top of the ground without requiring any excavation or changes on your land that would bring on the legal and physical complications of building a permanent structure.

Benefit from Versatility in Your Storage Space

Portable storage buildings are famous for their versatility. In fact, we’ve encountered several customers who stand out from the rest in their clever usage of the product. With the resourceful and innovative homeowner, portable storage units can become an alternate living or working area for cost-effective-minded individuals.

We’ve seen portable storage buildings transformed into the following:

  • Garden sheds and barns
  • Separate office spaces
  • Workshops and art studios
  • Extra rooms for a new or returning family member
  • Garages to house and protect excess vehicles or motorcycles
  • Playhouses for the kids to run around in
  • Storage units that families stash all the excess belongings that they don’t immediately need or require frequent access to

We’ve even witnessed these units being used as a cabin or cottage. Families can tow their portable units to their favorite vacation spots and have a ready-to-go vacation home for themselves.

Build a Mobile Unit Tailor-Made to Suit Your Style

A portable storage building mass manufactured to look the same as every other existing unit out there sounds a little boring. However, with the advanced technology and techniques we’ve incorporated into our mobile storage unit production, we can create these products tailor-made and personalized to your needs and style.

For example, Smart Shed offers a fully customized shed-building experience with our Build-Your-Design digital portal. With this digital design tool, you can choose from 30 standard sizes, 11 different building styles, and an extensive selection of amenities and convenience features. You can add built-in shelves and a working electrical system to make your shed the space you need.

While this isn’t a feature offered by every business in the industry, Smart Shed can provide this attractive feature to all its customers. From planning and conceptualization to its finishing touches, you have a significant amount of control over how you want your portable storage building to look. This way, you can customize it to appear like a playhouse to delight your children or a decorative garden shed to blend in with your landscaping effectively.

Have a Nearby Quick and Efficient Storage Solution

You usually have two options for storage. One is to rent a local storage unit, which may be convenient in the short term but can quickly become costly as the money you spend goes into someone else’s pocket. Aside from this, you must drive back and forth to the storage place to access any of your stored valuables. The second option is to build a shed or barn on your property, a process that will take time and money to obtain permits, buy the building materials, and plan and execute the construction.

With a portable storage solution, you can save time by having a mobile storage building in your backyard. Meanwhile, the money you spend on our product becomes an investment in your own structure that you can take wherever you go.

In Conclusion—Finding the Right Portable Shed Supplier Is Essential

It’s important to note that while portable storage buildings offer a whole host of advantages, it’s crucial that you obtain yours from a trusted and reputable manufacturer. While many online businesses offer similar products, these may be low-quality or faulty, defeating the purpose of cost-effectiveness and convenience.

Another aspect to remember is the location of the business you purchase your portable storage buildings from. We strongly advise you to go local for your unit. This way, you can determine the quality control involved in the production and transportation of these units. While online businesses may be able to issue a cheaper storage solution for you, you may be stuck with a partially finished unit that doesn’t cover the bases you require. If unsatisfied with the portable storage building you acquire from a nearby company, you can always reach out to your local supplier for a return or refund.

Smart Shed is the premier provider of portable storage solutions in your local area and will be happy to assist you with finding the right product to suit your needs and specification. Contact us at (706) 405-4637 to speak to our customer care team and get started on your path to a portable storage unit that meets your needs for a comprehensive storage solution.