We all need more space, whether for storage, accommodating guests in our home, or a remote business. Whatever your reason for needing more space, a simple solution is to purchase a portable storage building. They’re convenient, spacious, and, best of all, affordable! If you’re struggling to find storage space in your home or business and looking for a quick, ready-to-go solution, consider a portable storage building by Smart Shed. Not sure if it will benefit you or solve your storage issues, we welcome you to continue reading below for further enlightenment. Here are 10 exciting benefits you will experience with one of our durable, high-quality portable storage buildings. By the time you’ve reached the end of this article, we’re confident you will be excited to get your new portable storage building designed and shipped right to your doorstep.


Portable storage buildings are much more affordable than you might think. When you choose Smart Shed, you’re choosing affordable storage building solutions. We have a very streamlined process that allows us to cut costs on time and labor, which is passed down to you. When you compare the price of a storage unit to upgrading to a new building for additional space, the obvious choice would be the former. We believe a storage building is worth the investment because it is cost-effective and can be designed precisely how you need it to be.

Design Flexibility

When you build with Smart Shed, you have the flexibility to design your space exactly how you want. From the style, and interior layout, to the color scheme, we follow your lead. As we mentioned above, there are many reasons someone might require more storage space, and we want to ensure we accommodate every unique need. If you come to us looking for a portable storage building to accommodate offsite meetings for your employees, we will design it to emulate a boardroom. Or suppose you need one to store all your outdoor toys such as boats, ATVs, or trailers; we will design it with an open concept so every inch of its interior can be used for storage.


Staying in one place for an extended period is becoming less common nowadays. Most homeowners don’t stay in their homes for the duration of their mortgage, and business owners change locations for various reasons. As such, we ensure our portable storage sheds can be easily transported. They are designed to be easily lifted, loaded, and offloaded. The best thing about transporting a storage building is that it can be used as a moving trailer. When you get ready to move, you can pack items inside of it or transport it empty; the choice is yours.

High-Quality, Long-Lasting

Portable shortage buildings are not made like they were in the past. Smart shed uses durable, high-quality material to ensure they have an extended lifespan and withstand storms of all kinds. Despite the cost of a product, we can appreciate that customers want value for their hard-earned money. Well, that is what you get with our portable storage buildings. You will never need to worry about replacing your unit so long as you provide it with proper maintenance because they are designed to last decades. Consider this high-quality investment one that will save you money in the long run.


We understand that you can be worried about break and enters with a storage unit. While sheds are vulnerable to burglary, that's not the case with our portable storage buildings. We build them with secure padlocks that you see on home and business front doors. The doors are no different from the ones you see in a typical building, and they are built with security in mind. Our portable buildings are so secure that if you lost your key to it, you would have no way of entering other than getting your key replaced. We build each unit with security and safety in mind to help you preserve and protect your items and assets.


The beauty of a custom-made portable shed is that it can be reused for almost anything. Suppose its original purpose is to store your outdoor hobby items such as motorbikes, boats, etc., but over time you sell them, you might think the building will go to waste. Not exactly. Our units are built to be multipurpose, so whether you need them for storage or a parking garage, they will always have a purpose.


When you purchase from us, there are many benefits, including our promise to build it as eco-friendly as possible. We use eco-friendly materials and ensure they are all high quality so the building can last. When you get it custom-made from a local company rather than a big box store, you will almost always have the advantage of having it made from locally sourced, environmentally friendly material. If you choose to install smart technology, which will almost always be an option with custom builds, you get to save on energy bills while reducing waste. It's a win-win for you! With our buildings, you can benefit from having a high-quality, multi-use shed without worrying about negatively impacting the environment.

Bottom Line

We can never have enough storage or office space, and in times of need, a portable storage building will undoubtedly solve all your space issues. The best thing about customizing portable storage buildings is that you have the autonomy to design them however you see fit. And since they are typically larger in size, they can easily be reused for any other purpose, be it a guest home or board room. You name it; you can do it. If you’re tired of cramming everything on top of each other because of a lack of space, get in touch with Smart Shed at (706) 389-1326. We will happily sit you through a consultation to discuss your specific needs, design, cost, and timeline. Before you know it, you will be talking about how much extra space you have and thinking about how to fill it!