Tips for Keeping Your Portable Storage Building Organized

A portable storage building is a great investment that can provide shelter for a wide range of purposes. That said, you can significantly increase the utility of your shed by keeping it organized and taking advantage of some clever tricks that will maximize your usable space.

If you are the owner of a portable storage building or are considering buying one, this blog post is for you. We would like to share some tips we have learned over the years that will help you get the most out of your storage shed and keep it in excellent condition for many years.

Buy or Design the Right Size Unit

The first step for maintaining an organized storage building is ensuring that you have enough space for the things you need to keep inside of it. If you have not already purchased a shed, it helps to shop around to understand what is available. Some storage shed builders will even be able to customize the dimensions of the unit to match your specifications, so it always makes sense to know your options.

Try to consider the purpose of your portable storage building and plan around this. If you have a lot of small items, you may want to consider shelves for the inside of the unit, whereas storage for larger equipment could benefit from increased floor space. It also makes sense to plan for the future—if you think that you will need additional storage space down the line, it doesn’t hurt to purchase a shed that is slightly larger than your current needs.

Consider the Placement

Although portable storage units provide you with a lot of versatility in regard to relocating them, many owners choose to leave them in a fixed location. Whether or not you think you will be moving your unit, it is always a good idea to put it in an optimal location.

Ensuring you can conveniently access your storage building whenever you need to will reinforce your purchase and help you complete your work efficiently. Knowing the dimensions of your shed and the area you are planning to place it will also help you avoid issues during the unloading process.

Create an Inventory

While you are loading things into your new storage shed, it is a good idea to keep a record of everything that goes inside. You will appreciate being able to quickly reference the items that you have in storage whenever the need arises. You can even break down the items into categories that will make things easier to find them once you enter the shed.

Install a Pegboard for Your Tools

If you have a lot of small tools or other types of equipment, a pegboard can greatly improve your use of space. Pegboards allow you to place hooks wherever you like, so you can customize your storage to suit all your individual tools. Not only will this help you keep everything organized, but it will also allow you to clear up some of your floor space by eliminating the need for toolboxes or large shelves.

Stackable Storage Containers are Useful

Another way to maximize your use of vertical space is by purchasing storage bins that are designed to be stacked. Try to keep heavier items towards the bottom and lighter boxes on top – this will help keep everything stable. Also, make sure that you do not put frequently used items at the bottom of the stack unless you want to move everything when you need to access your boxes.

Label Your Boxes

Keeping similar items together inside bins or boxes will reduce the time you need to spend rummaging through your storage. Once you have picked out the appropriate storage method, you should take the time to create simple labels that let you know what is inside all your containers. You don’t have to worry about doing anything too fancy—just make sure you have a general idea of what is inside your boxes.

Reduce Clutter Whenever Possible

If you use your storage shed frequently, it can be easy to let things pile up and get in the way. Understanding this, you should try to keep an eye out for unnecessary clutter and tidy things up whenever you can. Try to make sure you always have a clear path through your storage shed and that you aren’t keeping any items that you do not need.

Use Ceiling Storage if You Can

If you have enough overhead space inside your storage building, you can take advantage of this by finding ways to keep things up there. Hanging up cords and hoses is an excellent way to keep them off the floor and prevent people from tripping over them. Using ceiling storage will also free up your lower level for equipment with a larger footprint.

Think About the Items You Use Most Often

Having an organized storage shed is not much help if you have to move multiple things to access the things that you need. When designing the layout of your shed, you should try to think about the items that you will be using most often.

By keeping your most-used items in a convenient location, you will ensure that your time in your storage shed is always efficient. On the other hand, items that you won’t use frequently can be put in more permanent locations that are out of the way.

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