In the world of modular building construction, there is no greater investment than the portable storage shed. Portable sheds promise flexibility and affordability—to say nothing of their ease of installation and speedy disassembly.

Homeowners and business owners alike turn to us when they need customized portable storage buildings—and the reasons why are obvious. At Smart Shed, we make sure our clients reap all the benefits of these economical storage solutions and more.

Feel free to read a little about portable storage units, our building methods, financing options, and more. If any questions arise during the reading of our blog post, be sure to contact us at (706) 405-4637. The Smart Shed team is always eager to take the call of an interested community member.

Durable Sheds Built with Care

The world of construction has changed a lot in the last fifty years. People’s homes are crafted with unrivaled care. Builders rely on sustainable building materials and they take ethical approaches that are both economical and efficient. We think storage buildings should be built the same way.

We don’t just build sheds to get you through the upcoming rainy season or the next year or two of high winds. We build sheds with the next five, six, even ten years in mind. Blending quality craftsmanship with preferred state-of-the-art building materials, we give you cost-effective building solutions that will endure through the years.

Some of the materials we rely on include:

  • Metal roofing
  • Smart Guard-treated siding
  • Solid flooring
  • Urethane wall coatings
  • Radiant barriers for ceilings
  • Double-stud construction practices
  • Pressure-treated floor joists and notched skids
  • And more

Save Big with Portable Sheds

Working with us doesn’t just save you money in the immediate sense. When you work with us, you reap the benefits of our building methods for years and years to come. You’ll have less maintenance to worry about, fewer reasons for last-minute shed repairs, and so much more. What’s more, our siding and roofing solutions will keep that unwanted rainfall out of the shed, thereby protecting the building materials and all the valuable items within the shed.

Installation Made Easy

Do you want your portable shed ready for use quickly? If so, we are the ones to work with. Our innovative approach to modular design ensures fast turnarounds for construction and installation. We construct the unit with your wishes—and the standards of our industry—in mind, ensuring you get nothing short of the finest modular storage shed possible.

Storage Buildings for Every Purpose

Individuals, families, and businesses purchase storage sheds for a wide variety of reasons. Sometimes they want a place to store their landscaping equipment and gardening tools. Others, meanwhile, might want more general storage solutions that allow for the safe storage of a variety of materials and goods.

No matter your storage requirements, we can surely provide you with safe enclosures you need to protect your valuables. Over the years, we have built sheds and units for countless purposes. Some of the shed-types we commonly construct include:

  • General storage buildings
  • Cabins
  • Garden sheds
  • Storage sheds
  • And more

Customize Your Storage Shed

Would you rather forgo insulation? Do you want your storage unit to have backdoor access or windows? Working with us ensures you get nothing short of the storage shed you desire. We will take note of your requests during the design consultation and report back with economical plans in a reasonable time frame.

We don’t think clients should have to settle for one-size-fits-all sheds. Your storage unit is for your personal use, after all. Why not personalize the portable storage shed?

Added Security

People do not always think of “security” when they think of custom storage sheds. Rest assured, we fortify your garden sheds and general storage units in more ways than one. Metal roofs and double-stud construction solutions make these facilities quite challenging for rodents and other wildlife—and the secured doors with quality lock systems pose a considerable challenge to anyone who doesn’t have a key.

Would you like to add digital locks with passcode protection to your portable storage unit? Let us know. We will make sure to take these security solutions into account when designing the property.

Easy to Transport Sheds

Despite the fact that we advertise our sheds and other structures as “portable” it can be easy to forget exactly what that means. With a typical shed, they are built on solid foundations, making them almost impossible to transfer to another location. With a portable shed, however, you can transfer the structure from location to location with ease.

Off-Site Building Services

What’s more, we are even able to build your portable sheds off-site. Our off-site building services spare property owners from having to deal with the noise and disruptions that come from having a dedicated crew of contractors on the premises. We will build and calibrate the storage shed to your exact specifications and then bring it to your location at a time that works for you.

Spare yourself from the messes and mayhem that come from on-site construction projects. Work with the Smart Shed team and you will get top-shelf results without any of the headaches—and that is a promise.

Express Delivery Available

No one likes to wait longer than necessary for their units to arrive. Working with us spares you from those needless wait times. Our well-vetted and licensed delivery drivers pledge to get your storage unit to you within a respectable time frame—and in mint condition, too. Work with us when you want express delivery.

Call a Shed Builder Today

As you can see, portable storage solutions are the right choice for any property owner looking to make the most of their property’s square footage. These portable storage units are unmatched in their convenience, durability, and attractiveness.

Say goodbye to the one-size-fits-all storage sheds and say hello to customized solutions. Call (706) 405-4637 to schedule a design consultation with our team. We’ll get started on your one-of-a-kind portable storage unit in little time at all.